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Susie our Wellbeing Dog   


Susie is a Cockapoo puppy who has been chosen for her very gentle nature and her non-shedding coat. She lives with Mrs Cella and is getting used to coming into school before she undertakes specific training to enable her to work safely with children and staff.

Governors, alongside senior leaders, have carefully considered the many benefits of a school wellbeing dog, including:

  • A calming effect on pupils (and staff!)
  • Encouraging expression and participation in children
  • Fostering a sense of responsibility
  • Encouraging respect
  • Support children to develop empathy
  • Teaching children to nurture and respect life

Susie’s wellbeing is of paramount importance and a lot of research has been carried out. Susie has been a welcomed and loved addition to Mrs Cella’s family and is very well cared for.

Once fully trained, Susie will spend her days visiting the classrooms, working with small groups of children, listening to them read, and providing emotional support.

This is a really exciting opportunity for children, but we understand that some children may feel a little anxious about meeting a dog. We aim to introduce Susie slowly and carefully, and will provide further information on her progress. She is really looking forward to meeting you all soon!