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Sparrow Farm Primary School

Sparrow Farm Primary School
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From the moment we are born, we have a desire to observe, be curious and try to understand the world we live in.

At Sparrow Farm Primary School we encourage these key skills to enable children to become explorative and critical thinkers, who are caring and respect the world they live in.

Children are given experiences of learning, observing and questioning their natural environment in and out of school. They are given opportunities to explore through trips though visits from people who give them real life examples. The school fosters learning through curiosity, courage and compassion.

Early Years

In the Early Years children learn about Science through “Understanding the World”, alongside cross curricular themes which encourages them to tap into key skills to become effective learners. Children talk about objects and animals (including humans) making a comparison of how they are similar and different. We seek out the interests of the children to make scientific enquiry interesting and a fun way to learn.

Key Stage One

In Key Stage One children develop key skills to “work scientifically”, continuing to learn about aspects of plants, animals, insects and materials that exist. They learn about eco systems and how they can care about the planet; they develop an understanding of the importance of Science and how it will impact future research, technology and medicine thus shaping our future.

Science - Sequence of Learning