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At Sparrow Farm Primary, we believe children are naturally curious young musical creators who are enthusiastic and confident to develop their own musical sense.  As renowned American musician John Finney says, “Music is in our bones!”  They are open, reflective and adaptive to a wide variety of genres, and use their drive to sing and create their own music.  Music is incorporated in everything we do; it is a language, art, our well-being and feeds into all areas of the curriculum.

Music is taught using a range of resources, which allows the children to gain a wide variety of musical experiences within a range of genres. Charanga's original scheme is taught from Reception to Year 2 and from Year 3 children are taught a hybrid curriculum which is taught through Charanga by music specialists in partnership with Hounslow Music Service. This allows all pupils to learn a range of tuned instruments during their time at Sparrow Farm. Through Yumu (Charanga’s supplementary online resource) all children are able to access digital composition software from home as well as being able to access a range of online musical resources relevant to their in-school lessons. Additionally, Rocksteady provide an additional resource for some students to help develop their confidence to perform in assemblies.

Our music lessons give clear visuals, using ICT, which are engaging, and ensure that the children are active. The scheme builds on skills and musical knowledge at an age appropriate level.  Teachers also record assessments onto Charanga and children can tap into Music online to consolidate their learning and interests through Yumu.

Singing assemblies, Rocksteady, and productions throughout the year also allow the children to enhance their music ability and build confidence in their developing musical techniques to perform in front of an audience.

The school also believes that Music is important to children’s wellbeing and happiness, as well as understanding and appreciating different types of genres, history and culture associated with each piece of Music. 

The BBC's Ten Pieces opens up the world of classical music to 7-14 year olds. with exciting films, lesson plans, instrumental arrangements & live events! 

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