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Year 1

Dear Parents and carers,

We are very pleased to welcome you all back to a new term and a hope that you are excited to join us in Year 1! We hope that you have had a lovely Summer holiday and are refreshed and ready to do lots of new and exciting things this year.

Although the restrictions have lifted, we are still very cautious and want to keep everyone safe and well. To help us do this we ask that you arrive at the correct time at drop off and collection times to prevent the gate area becoming crowded. Always leave promptly and please be considerate of others who may wish to continue with social distancing measures.

Communication with teachers and staff might be difficult at the school gate so we ask that if you have a question you email the year group email and staff will respond promptly. Contact the year group email year1@sparrowfarm.hounslow.sch.uk or write on the google class stream.

Year 1 start time is 8:40 (soft start)
Year 1 pickup time is 3:05 (please avoid turning up too early)

We are all looking forward to learning lots of new things this term. Our topic will be Space and we will be learning facts and using our imaginations to create Space stories.

We will continue to use Google Classroom for any children who are unable to attend school and will keep the class pages updated with photos of our great work to share our achievements with our parents/carers.

Please keep us informed through the year group email if you have any concerns or if there are any cases of COVID in your household or family.

Thank you,
The Year One team

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