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Sparrow Farm Primary School

Sparrow Farm Primary School
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Why Join Us?

10 joyful reasons for choosing Sparrow Farm Primary School

1.   Our innovative and engaging LIFE curriculum

2.  Horizon-broadening extra-curricular clubs, visits and trips

3.  A nurturing environment allowing children to grow and develop

4.  High quality teachers and specialist staff

5.  Cultivating the physical, social, emotional and psychological wellbeing of all

6.  Leadership skills for our pupils through courage, determination and tenacity

7.  Seamless transition to support lifelong learning and personal development

8.  Amazing new building and learning spaces, and extensive, beautiful outdoor space

9.  Community projects, locally, nationally and globally

10. Flourishing partnerships

 For further information, please see our prospectus.

Sparrow Farm Primary School Prospectus

To book a visit, please phone the school on 020 8890 7194 and speak to Sarah Macrae, or email: admissions@sparrowfarm.hounslow.sch.uk.