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We aim to:
  • ensure that children know their place in history and gain a strong sense of chronology
  • ensure children gain knowledge of key historical figures, events and periods of history, and how these have shaped the world we live in today
  • develop in children the ability to interpret and evaluate primary and secondary sources of evidence
  • inspire critical thinking skills with children asking questions about the past and showing a keen interest in finding answers
  • provide opportunities for children to visit places of historical significance to enhance their understanding of the past.

Early Years

In the Early Years children learn about History through “Understanding the World”, as well as through cross curricular links with our weekly themes and half termly topics.  Children mostly learn about History that has happened in their own lives. Historical events that have happened outside the children’s lifetimes will be taught through events that are relevant to the children, such as Bonfire night and how the children celebrate (with fireworks, for example).

Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1, children begin their journey as History Detectives. They learn about events that have happened within living memory, meaning they can have the opportunity to speak to people who lived through the event.

The children learn about things such as their family history, transport inventions, and holidays.

Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2, children become fully fledged History Detectives. This means they are taught how to differentiate between reliable and unreliable sources, and biased and unbiased sources.

History in Key Stage 2 is taught in rough chronological order (it is only rough as there are many crossovers between various civilisations from across history). For example, children in Year 3 learn about the prehistorical period and the Stone Age; in Year 5 they learn about the Vikings. In Year 3, children enjoy a Stone Age themed day in which they can dress up and take part in themed activities.

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